“Lindy makes yoga a deeply personal experience. Each time we meet for class, she checks the energy in the room and takes us from there… emphasizing that we should “be” where we are on this day in our practice because every day our bodies are different. Her reminders are gentle and she shares a piece of herself with us each week. A treasure.”

Jodi Toubes

“I’ve practiced with more than a dozen yoga teachers in the past, but with Lindy I found my ‘yoga home’. I have been fortunate to practice with her for the past few years and have enjoyed a deepening enrichment of my yoga practice that I didn’t imagine was possible. Lindy is intuitive beyond words — she just knows. That intuition draws out each student’s potential in a way that is balanced and profoundly fulfilling — nurturing mind, body and spirit.”

Edith de Guzman

“Every week I so love and appreciate Lindy’s calm, wise, playful teaching.  Being her yoga student has enriched my life.”

Caryn Bosson

“I’ve been doing yoga under Lindy’s guidance for close to 6 years now and I can’t speak highly enough of her. She incorporates Yoga Therapy in her class and is keenly aware of body mechanics as she gently urges my stiff frame to open up and move! I always feel supported, safe and yet encouraged to go further than I think I can. By the end of class I’m more flexible and relaxed. Who wouldn’t want that?! She is positive, genuine, and even humorous in her classes. Love, love, love how she teaches. What a gem!”

Linda Eremita

“I am VERY proud to give my testimonial to the incredible enthusiastic energy that Lindy Bostrom brings to the world of Yoga. I have known Lindy most of my life and can say I have witnessed her untiring commitment to yoga and its discipline. Lindy has been kind enough to share and lead me in the health benefits of yoga. This introduction has given me the tools to add a Yoga regiment to my daily fitness routine making me a healthier, happier person…Thanks LINDY!!!!”

Lloyd W Seawright II

“Lindy’s instruction is the perfect combination of stretching, strength building, and mindfulness meditation. Practicing with her always sets my head in a better place, and opens up emotional and physical space for me!”

Jenny B.